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Project Description


It is with much honor and joy that I am now blessed to be able to offer my clients RAHANNI CELESTIAL HEALING “Of One Heart”, A “New” healing modality for the “Age of Aquarius”.  Rahanni has been used for thousands of years, but this is the first time it has been brought forward to this planet.

Rahanni is:

  • A hands on Healing Therapy that works on a higher vibration, a pink ray of light and a deeper level, opening the heart centre to release all negativity and fear, bringing out our natural essence of love and compassion.
  • It balances our masculine and feminine sides as everyone holds the energy of both.
  • Isn’t tied to any religion, it encompasses all as no judgement is made.
  • Is a complementary therapy that is used to treat the whole person and works in conjunction with your regular health care.

A promise was made thousands of years ago to be here at this moment in time to heal at the highest level for the good of humanity.  This is the most wonderful opportunity to connect with the ‘Higher Beings’ of light and love as we all help humanity to have a change in consciousness by connection to their natural essence of Truth, Love and Compassion.


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