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Project Description


This course will provide you with:

  • A Fun filled 6 week journey within for those tired of being tired.
  • An in depth look into the first 3 Chakra’s of your body on a physical, emotional and mental level.
  • Awakening an awareness to where past conditioning, beliefs and patterning comes from.
  • Allowing you to re-create through letting go of past issues and influences.
  • Learn Energy Balancing Meditation, a fun  and easy tool to use every day.

Costs are:

  • $480 pp for the six week course which includes 2x healings that are to be had within the 6 week time frame.
  • $100 deposit is required.

Wow what a fantastic course.  Karen is a wonderful and very talented lady.  I wasn’t sure what I would get out of the course but now at the end of the course I have walked away with a total different view of myself and others around me.  I feel as if my life is a whole new adventure.  Thank you so much Karen for sharing your knowledge and special gift with me.

Marie Hull

This journey I am on has been of growth and awareness of self, learning to listen with my heart, accepting of myself.  To give and receive all that comes my way.  Coming to this course has been a wonderful awakening and awareness of self.

Maria Hopkins

I feel it is something that we could attend every week and learn something new/different each week.  By putting in practice what we learnt in each session – what a difference it made the following week.  Thank you for imparting your huge wealth of knowledge.  I feel you have so much more to teach me.  Looking forward to doing the next course.

Tania Klenner

This course has gotten me on the right path of “living my truth”.  What is even better, I can show/teach what Ive’ learned to my daughters.   Great tools for living in the real world.

Sonja Stoppard


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