What intentions have you set for 2019??

Most people call them goals however I find the goal word too stiff and ridged and something that has to be done. If I feel into my body when I say goal, it tenses up and feels hurried and rushed, almost anxiety like.

If I say intention that word gives me a sense of calm that this is what I want to happen, I will do what I can to make it happen and put in place steps however I will allow it to unfold in its own time. When I feel into my body with the word intention it feels calm and exciting, and flowing

You give it a go.

Shut your eyes breathe deeply 3 times then say the word goal, do the same with the word intention, how does that feel for you.

First to start my intention process I like to sit in Meditation at the start of the year and ask for empowering words that align with my values to be brought forward.  Values are the things you spend time, energy and money on in your life.  This year the words that have come forward for me are LOVE, EXPANSION AND PASSION.  These words, align with what I value in my business.

I find also that in January so many new and exciting opportunities are everywhere, (and its fantastic we have so many to choose from), but it can cause overwhelm and can rush you to choose something that really isn’t in alignment with your values.  When this is the case you quickly lose that initial buzz and excitement and then you feel that you haven’t achieved or you’ve let yourself down in some way.  This is why I like to meditate first, to align my higher self, that wise all-knowing part of me to help really connect in and bring forward my words for the year, then I can sit and make decisions that align with my intentions.

I ask myself will this course, exercise program, whatever it is fit into my life and bring LOVE, EXPANSION AND PASSION? Or will I be taking on too much.

What I also do is make a list because we aren’t just physical creatures, we are made up of energy on many different levels.  Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, I make these sub headings under my three Empowerment words so that my intentions cover my whole being so that I am completely fulfilled throughout the year.

If this way of intention setting aligns with you.  I would love to see your creations. Please email them to