You’re not stuck

You’re just committed to certain patterns of behaviour

Because they helped you in the past

Now those behaviours have become more

Harmful than helpful

The reason why you can’t move forward is because

You keep applying an old formula to a new level in your life

Change the formula to get a different result

How often have you heard this but thought to yourself, Yeah, I get that but?
How do I find out what behaviours I am committed to?
How do I change the formula?

The behaviour your committed to is a limiting belief.

It has been created by a story that your mind has made up through experience.

Let me give you an example, say when you were little you would fall over and hurt yourself,
You were in pain.

A parent would give you a chocolate biscuit or lolly because they said that would take the pain away,
it may take your mind off the pain, but did it really take the pain away?

There’s your belief sugar takes pain away!

So years later you decide you would like to get fit, shift some weight etc.

All is going well until you experience pain.

What does pain look like?

It’s different for everyone.

It could be a shit day at work, stress, anxiety, you may have broken up with a partner, any of the above.

Limiting belief kicks in pain will go away with sugar

So you eat that chocolate biscuit, you eat the whole packet, you eat that bag of lollies.

Pains still there right, along with some new emotions right, like maybe guilty as well.

So, what next? How do you change this pattern?

First comes the awareness hmm sugar does not fix pain,

If you have a graze then some love and nurturing and your sore cleaned and washed will help it to clear up. Think about it though pain takes time to heal. A wound needs love and attention and then space to heal.

We are all after a quick fix, something to stop pain.

The truth is pain is an experience and if we love and nurture ourselves as we are going through it, give yourself some time and some space to heal. It will clear it up with no limiting beliefs attached to it.

We can change the program and move forward.

We can do this by honouring our emotions.

Attaching stories to them, trying to run away, or hiding. Will only bring the pattern with you into the next situation.

If you are stuck in a pattern and don’t know what it is, don’t know how to break the cycle.

Please private message me for more information on how I can guide you